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5 Packaging Design Tips to Hook your Customer

There are thousands of brands placed on the shelf, one of them being yours, but what makes the customers pick yours?

It’s the packaging. A packaging design is much more than just a product’s safety belt. In today’s market it is assuming the role of your brand’s in-store salesman that affects the perception of almost 76% of the consumers. A bad packaging not just affects your consumers’ buying decision but also craft an adverse brand image in the eyes of your consumers.Aptly quoted by Baltasar Gracian “Thing do not pass for what they are but for what they seem. Most things are judged by their jackets.” Packaging as such an unavoidable means of doing business, must thus be taken care of during the design. But have you ever wondered what makes a good and attractive packaging or what is it that affects appeals to all the five senses of the consumers? Well, here are a few considered points that affect the perception of a consumer:


Make it visually attractive. The visual appearance is what grabs the eyeballs to your product and get the customer to get through the product. It must reflect the product features to the maximum or in other words be a mirror to what actually the product is through the color, font and the shape of the product packaging. Here’s one such packaging that I passed by that stuck my mind just as anyone would want their customers to.Such unusual and creative package is what the customers attract to at once and remember lifelong.http://melaniegroover.com/cocacola/


Choose a comfortable to handle packaging. Besides being an underestimated component of packaging, touch is what the customer perceives the product by at the first hand. 50% of the consumers image the product’s quality by the shape and texture of the packaging used.

Many soft drink bottles are based on this component, where they provide an easy grip and easy to open and drink packaging. Get an idea with some of such packagings,
Let the aroma speak out the product. This has been a long standing marketing tool for various products; the aroma speaks that is easy to convince the consumers.
It gives a taste of what is about to come. A scented polymer for example, can be used for packaging of foods to evoke an idea of freshness and to enhance the smell of the packaged food.
Same works with bathing soaps, perfumes and other cosmetics where consumers smell the packaging to find the features and quality of the product.
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